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make peace with your autoimmune disease, 

regain your lost energy,

and take back control of your life -

so that you can finally feel like yourself again

and create the life of your dreams.


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find peace of mind

You're sick and tired of constantly fighting, stressing, and worrying. Slow down and start accepting your disease as a part of you. Gain clarity on where you are now and what is separating you from the future you desire. Define a vision for your life that makes you excited and fully committed to your health.

connect with your body

You feel betrayed by your body and you’re grieving the loss of your old self. What your body now needs to heal are compassion, positivity and love. Become a master of nourishing your body and finally be able to give it what it needs to be healthy and yours again.

honor your true self

Your diagnosis changed your life drastically: you no longer know who you are or what defines you. This is your opportunity to recognize your deepest values, and what’s truly important to you. Understand what you want out of life to start living in full alignment with who you really are.

hi, I'm Xenia!


I went from high-achieving, thriving at my job, and living my best life to feeling like a complete failure in a matter of months. I was constantly tired and in pain, unable to think straight, work, or simply lead a normal life. I couldn’t keep up with my life anymore and felt like my bright vision for the future had popped like a bubble.

Before my diagnosis, I assumed I was simply burnt out, but after countless hospital visits, blood draws, and tests I realised that all my symptoms were caused by something much bigger: my immune system was attacking my digestive system, leaving me with autoimmune hepatitis and Crohn’s disease. I wasn’t prepared to just accept that my life had forever changed. I was determined to do something about it.

It took me years of trial and error to find out what worked and helped me get my life back. I spent a fortune on doctors' consultations, endless hours on research and reading, and wasted years trying different diets. Much of what I discovered was so rigid and defined that it didn’t meet my needs. I took the learning and created a bespoke plan for me; identifying my own unique requirements.

The hardest part was doing it all on my own.

My initial goal was to get my old life back, but I ended up gaining so much more. My diagnosis improved my life by teaching me where my true values lie, and I have been living symptom-free ever since. Now I help people like you take back control over their lives and finally start feeling like themselves again so they don’t have to do it alone. Together, we will create a solution specifically for you.


Xenia Brandstetter is a Functional Medicine Certified Health Coach and Autoimmune Protocol (AIP) Certified Coach, trained to help autoimmune clients reach their health goals with an evidence-based dietary and lifestyle protocol.


Xenia is one of the most lovable, caring people I know. When we met we only spent a few months together, and now Xenia is one of my closest friends. I immediately felt that Xenia is a very honest and trustworthy person, a quality which I not only value in my friends, but which is invaluable for a good coach. Xenia has a lot of empathy for people and always has an open ear for people’s concerns. She never judges, but listens carefully. I often come to her for advice. 


Xenia is caring, warm-hearted and I always feel grounded and content in her presence. I love to have conversations with her as she truly listens and speaks from the heart. I deeply trusted her from the very beginning and acknowledge her honesty. These are essential qualities and make her so valuable as a coach.


Xenia’s personal health history, calming presence, and desire to support others through their healing journeys makes her a practitioner anyone would be lucky to work with. I had the opportunity to work closely with Xenia over a period of time and I thoroughly looked forward to meeting with her on a weekly basis and was able to form a very special bond with her. She is compassionate, caring, and a good listener, which are characteristics I prioritize when looking for a practitioner.

I have a gift for you!

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make peace with your autoimmune disease, regain your lost energy, and take back control of your life so that you can finally feel like yourself again and create the life you dream of

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